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Security Systems

Key Set is the most basic and essential device for driving a vehicle. Using the locking device, the drive can open and close the door and trunk, power each unit and start-up the vehicle

Electronic Control Unit

It is comparable to the CPU of a computer as it integrates and controls ECUs connected to each device

HMI (Switches etc.)

Installed to vehicle interior instrument panel, this device operates various convenience devices and safety devices

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Welcome to Mobase Electronics Poland Sp. z o.o.

Welcome to Mobase Electronics Poland Sp. z o.o.

MOBASE ELECTRONICS POLAND Sp.z o.o. based in Gliwice was founded September 5, 2007, It is part of a group SEOYON ELECTRONICS Co.., Ltd., headquartered in Ansan, South Korea.

Mobase Electronics Poland since the beginning of its existence relies on the quality of the final product. The company  produces  parts  for  cars  such as ignition  systems components(ignition,  door locks), Electronic  accessories door panels, switches, dashboard, transfer systems wipers and lights.

Our  customers  are  companies  such  as  Hyundai and Kia.  The production is directed to the European market and the market outside the EU.